make up level 1
Level I : Instant NATURAL Make-Up
Focuses on the quick & smart methods to create a clean & soft make-up for every-day natural-beauty look. An understanding on personal colouring (what looks best on each person) is emphasised as a fundamental. Students learn to create their own daily "identity" look with a personalised make-up plan taking no more than 10 minutes.

make up level 2
Level II : Instant GLAMOUR Make-Up
Teaches students the tricks of the trade & beauty secrets hidden under the sleeves of professional make-up artist. Students learn not only to create their very own glamour looks, but also to perform a quick & effective make-up transformation from daytime to evening.

make-up level 3
Level III : Instant SOPHISTICATED Make-Up
Introduces a unique perspective & unconventional take on the worlds of beauty. Students learn make-up tricks of Hollywood Class-A celebrities, and apply these techniques accordingly to achieve their individualised sophisticated looks that work for different settings: B/W & colour photography, stage, & screen.