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Music Républicain offers music lessons in both private and group classes for various musical instruments. We have everything from chamber, band, digital music, early childhood, theory & composition, and choir among others.
Realizing that every student has different learning style and objectives, lesson plans are tailored differently from one student to another. This customization is one of the main strengths of our highly trained music instructors.
Our doors are open to students of all ages as our philosophy is that you're never to young nor too old to cultivate and unleash your talents in music. That's why you'll see that our students are as young as 2 years old, and as senior as mid 80s.

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Concert Hall

Music Républicain concert hall is a multi-purpose hall that is designed to accommodate various musical activities. From ensemble, orchestra, theatre, opera, broadway show, concerts, seminars, all the way to competitions. This concert hall has been our most precious gem for over a decade. It was specially designed by the renowned US-based acoustic expert, Hadi Sumoro, to create an all-around warm acoustic sound wherever you're seated. Oozing Old Hollywood charm and being spacious enough to seat 140 people, this hall is a local favorite.

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